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NewsJReview (NJR): Friday Musings. Ok if I could just be there, where would that be? First, Hiawassee, a small enclave, in the Northern Georgia Mountains on the banks of Lake Chatuge, nestled a National Park forest. We’ve had some great vacations there.The still lake water reflects the moon light like no other place on earth. Heidelberg’s castle overlooking the River Rhine, where I think I discovered the best beer in the world. The Castle offers a veiw worth a thousand pictures…I took a lot of shots. And the football field size garden at the Ghion. A Hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In the garden I walked, absorbed what is authentic in this the oldest kingdom (an awesome experience as modernity and antiquity co-exist; not everything one thing, not everything one way) and meditated before I prepared each talk on journalism that I would share the next day with Ethiopia’s Broadcast establishment. Now, where I would like to go?…Rio. I am sure that would be an other world adventure also, whether I took a guided tour of the favelas or the beaches and many points in between, there would be plenty of beauty, sights, sounds, to enliven the senses. Friday musings.

If you’re like me and finding yourself pining for the Olympic Games that are now over, take hope. Keith Loutit and Jarbas Agnelli’s shot over 170,000 still images for this tilt shift video of Rio de Janeiro during Carnival. The music and photography are brilliant, and the 2016 Olympic Games can’t come fast enough!

~Trent Gilliss, senior editor

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    I’m not like you Trent (re the pining), but thanks for the post because it’s a sumptuous intro to the next world-stage...
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    NewsJReview (NJR): Friday Musings. Ok if I could just be there, where would that be? First, Hiawassee, a small enclave,...
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