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NewsJReview (NJR) #President Barack Obama addressed The United Nations General Assembly, September 25, 2014.. His speech was a direct and unwavering call to world leaders to dismantle ISIS and their ideology… It is not Islam, the President said, but it serves their hate for others and poisons the minds of youth with the idea of violence and not peace. President Obama said world leaders must committ to giving young people an opportunity for a better life and break the cycle that has taken the lives of thousands… He said the status quo is unsustainable. "Peace is not merely the absence of war, but the presence of a better life." The President also referred to racial strife, and subsequent unrest in the US, pointing specifically to the tensions in #Ferguson, Missouri.  We have problems and we are committed to solving them, the President said in so many better words of course…It, meaning solving problems, is part of the American heritage…we must fight to get to the bottom of what divides human beings and the President said Americans  do fight and struggle to get to a better place…He said we are not the same as when the country started; not the same one hundred years ago; not the same just ten years ago.  Not the same. The President could have pointed to himself, as evidence of what a new deal looks like, but he didn’t…But we know. And where I sit, the change he has so far pushed for has been a better life for many and that’s a good thing.  That’s the difference here. Choosing hope over fear.  President Obama UN speech Wednesday September 25, 2014:

Ferguson Podcast below

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NewsJReview Online: #Ferguson

"A Perspective On Rage - Ferguson - Aligns With Our History"

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Publisher NewsJReview Online reports National Guard drawdown to begin today (Friday August 22) - “The withdrawal will be “systematic” and coordinated with the Missouri State Highway Patrol.” School in Ferguson is set to start Monday, if all goes well, according to the Washington Post. Schools did open. Ferguson police have been issued and are being trained to use body cameras. Two firms donated the cameras to the police department there. That move appears acceptable, but protestors still want the Prosecutor in the case to step aside, and the shooter of Michael Brown to be of Wednesday September 17, 2014. Now comes word that the Grand Jury may be at a place to make a decision on whether the shooter, a Ferguson Police officer will be indicted, by late OCTOBER. That word surfaced as the Ferguson Police Chief apologized to the family of Micheal Brown for leaving their son’s body lying sprawled in the street for hours. The apology was made on video tape that was released Thursday September 25th, the same day that US Attorney General Eric Holder announced his retirement. This article by the Christian Science Monitor is worth reading: Was Ferguson the beginning of a new civil rights era? “Ferguson became a Selma-like moment for the 2010s – to the extent the stark images caused a nation to stop and reflect on the state of racial relations in America, exacerbated by an economy in which, sociologists say, class warfare is taking the place of overt racism. At the very least, Ferguson became a waypoint in a new civil rights chapter.”

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NewsJReview (NJR) Presents Saturday’s song; featuring Gregory Porter @ Into The Great Wide Open; a superb , rich, mature, songful, story telling performance, in 2012, The Nederland. Great songs are indeed timeless, ageless, heartfelt and full of meaning; throughout he drops wisdom’s pearls like rain. Listen and see if you agree with this assessment of this early morning concert by Mr. Porter and his incredible soulful, artful, Jazz ensemble…

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NewsJReview (NJR) The Atlanta Beltline’s Eastside Trail …. Walk it, run it, skate it, bike it and along the trek experience the various works of art; and be inspired and invigorated by the collection as your mind, body and spirit are rejuvenated. Live Jazz music was offered up by a quintet, set up under a tent behind Whole-Foods…the music added a little something-something to my expecrience on the trail (Wednesday September 17, 2014). Feeling inspired know that its ok to be courteous to your neighbor…I am told when complete, the Beltline will serve to connect communities along the 22-mile circumference.